Starlink Family

We’ve built the best team in the industry with a culture of caring that treats every one of our employees as a trusted member of the Starlink family.

We take a straightforward approach. We work in partnership with our clients to think through and audit their current situation, understanding exactly what they want to achieve.

We help develop the most appropriate family friendly policies, working practices and employee services.

We turn our company cultures around by treating the company as an extended family. Employees want and crave this sense of belonging, loyalty, and passion. They want to have fun, healthy relationships at work. They want to feel supported, understood, and fulfilled in what they’re doing. Employees want to be part of a group that cares about them!

The concept of “family” alchemizes the company, transforming it into a caring group of family members working for a common good in a supportive environment. Make the leap from traditional company norms, a life of sterile cubicles, 8-hour shifts, and an unproductive business environment. Do so by introducing changes slowly, from the ground up rather than top down. Let employees feel heard and empowered to create. Provide them the authority and tools to make it happen.

There is clearly something to say about running a business with a family approach. Not all of them are perfect, but that is not the point. Taking a family approach means establishing a foundation of trust and a cultural promise to unite as one; to perform with purpose and the healthier whole in mind. In the end, it’s about leadership and the ability to manage the moving parts and sustain momentum.

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